David & Jackie Mathison
Bel Air, Maryland USA
WELCOME to our website!!!

Glad you could take a moment to stop by and visit. Most of the content here is from back in "the day" when it was cool to have our own website. We used the site as our giant online photo album. We posted pics and kept everyone abreast of what was going on in our lives. The technology was new and it was cool to do something with the technology that amazed others.

Times change and the world was introduced to Facebook. Great tool for those that get it's value and know how to behave online. But with it's arrival, EVERYONE now has a presence online. Like most, we find Facebook an easy place to keep in touch and do basically what we were trying to do here, basically share pictures and tell the story of David and Jackie Mathison. So like you do for everyone else, please go to our Facebook pages to keep in touch, read our post and see our latest pics. That's where you will find our day to day happenings.

David's Facebook is david.mathison.1

Jackie's Facebook is jackie.campitellimathison

That said, We've had renewed energy in working with our website (Well David has), We can't just leave our original presence on the web out here and completely outdated. So We'll be sprucing it up and attempting to at least keep it more current than we have been the last few years. If you haven't visited in a while, please take a peek around. We've gotten around to adding some more content and more will be added. I refreshed most of the what has been here and links that died from neglect have now been corrected. So we are leaving this site up to have access to all the older content that would be a PIA to migrate Facebook. We will also continue to update the site with information we think you may find useful that maybe we just dont want on FACEBOOK or anything else we deem worthy.

So thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

David & Jackie Mathison